i need ideas for heads ^^

title says it all 😌

please give me suggestions for making heads! i might even go as far as making a set. feel free to be as specific or as vague as you want.

have a great day or night!

– collier Β πŸ’˜

redraw wip!

hey everybody! i know i literally said i wouldnt be back for a while, but perhaps my problems were solved that morning and now everythings better 🀭 plus my school was cancelled until mid april so i have all the time woohoo

anyways! heres a wip of a head i started this morning


its a redraw of this head from around three years ago


the improvement is literally insane br–

theres still a lot of things to do on the redraw but look forward to it! thank you, and have a good day and night (:

– collier ❀️

its been… quite a while (,:

hii, newer viewers probably dont remember me at all but im the creator of this website back in 2016! i literally just remembered it existed as i was having a mental breakdown lmao, but seeing it has honestly made me better, even if my older posts were really cringe ^^’!

id like to appreciate luna for keeping this website active. ive honestly never imagined of having seventy thousand viewers like… holy! 2016 me would probably be foaming on the floor right now 😳 i genuinely cant believe this!

its been a little over two years since ive last posted on this website and just a month over four years since my first post and das craycee bro!

thank you all for making this possible! as a very stressed student that’s going through an especially tough time right now, i dont expect to make a comeback anytime soon, but itll definitely happen, just watch out for it!

heres my profile on graal classic if anyone wants it (: i go by collier or collie now by the way! i also made this head so expect some customs in this style :3c! whew, if you go back to my posts from 2016-2017, youll see my old scratch heads and how much ive improved since then 🀭


again, thank you all so much! have a good day or night!Β and i guess its morning for me since i woke up after having one hour of sleep and its only four am?? oops

– decay/collier πŸ’–